Purposeful Pulsations of the Spiritual Path
Making a purposeful connection between heaven and earth
by dBrunn


If you were to take a peek just beyond this physical dimension you would see that we live in a Sea of Living Consciousness, an unseen spirit world all around us and that all physical life has a spirit behind it. Each of us has a physical body, but in reality, we are a spirit with a physical body, which is like a bio space suit designed to help us function in this physical world.

Hallucinations, Dreams, Visions, Synchronicity and Déjà Vu’s all have something in common. They are glimpses into that greater unseen world, the world where all things come from, a world that is the base of all life. Our dreams, for example, are received from our mind/spirit/soul by the brain, a mutidimensional bio radio receiver/transmitter. Often, such experiences become clouded or distorted as they pass through our emotional and astral body. With spiritual disciplines, one can refine the emotional and the astral body and begin to see and hear more clearly.

The stories that follow are selected from an assortment of personal experiences, some from journals, that have taken place over the past 65 years.

As spirit has shared with me, I happily share with you that they may be a help in understanding your own experiences or help you to gain a greater awareness of spirit and the surrounding unseen world that we all live within.

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