Clairvoyant Observations

First Encounter

This took place at the age of 4 to 6.

Just when going to bed one night an unpleasant numb-like feeling at the area between my eyes and nose began. It didn’t hurt but was extremely uncomfortable. Then with eyes closed, the shapes of three persons appeared standing close together next to my bed. The first thought was that this was a weird dream and so I ignored them and began to drift to sleep. But one and then another repeatedly called my name until I paid attention. While not knowing who they were nor being able to make out what they looked like, they seemed to know me well. With feeling their energy and hearing their voices, one was a male, and the other two were females. They began talking to me and informed me of something that would come about later in my life.

I was so excited by the experience and what they had said to me that I wanted to jump up out of bed and tell my brothers but stopped when I realized they would probably not understand and just laugh. So it wasn’t till about twenty years later that I shared the experience with someone.

* The numb-like feeling between my eyes was caused by what is known as the third eye opening. The spiritual beings that had visited me opened my third eye that I may see them and receive the information they imparted.