Clairvoyant Observations

Floating Above Body

It was dead silent, in the middle of the night, as I awakened in confusion as to where I was. There was a strange area lit up by a dim light, but couldn’t make out what or where I was. Then I opened my eyes, confused because I thought my eyes were open, as lying there studying the ceiling and walls in the room. After recognizing an area now at a different angle and further away it became evident the only way I could have seen this the first time was if I stood on a step-ladder! A porch light outside was creating odd shapes on the ceiling and wall, and I had awakened floating about 4 feet above my body.

Floating above the body one or several inches or even four feet, is part of a very natural process that all souls incarnate do on occasion during the night. What is uncommon is having awareness during the experience. One stage of the process has been called ‘sleep paralysis,’ and to an inexperienced OBE traveler, it has sometimes been mistaken as the physical body levitating.