Clairvoyant Observations

Healing Tips

Recharge by a Lake

If you find yourself low on energy and you’re looking for a natural way to recharge try sitting by a lake on a sunny day with a breeze or wind blowing at and past you. Higher-dimensional light coming down in the suns rays flows freely through water and it’s extra charged on a sunny day. By itself, the wind has a subtle cleaning effect on the aura. The wind will pick up some of that energy off the water which helps to charge you at the same time. It’s ok to sit in the shade while doing this.

Caffeine in Coffee

It will help you wake up, boost your energy and mood in the morning. It is also helpful when you work with crystal and or pyramid energy and become overcharged as coffee creates a downward spiral in the aura which helps you to get grounded.
In the development of awareness, however, caffeine has a clouding effect so when you drink it every day there is a fine like mist over you which has a slight dimming effect on awareness. If you quit consuming caffeine, the mist clears away after maybe 5 to 7 days. This is similar to reports of other types of drug use.

Crunchy Breakfast

For the spiritual or sensitive person, waking up in the morning with the feeling you are out of sync can be tough. There are different causes for this but it’s often the result of having been busy on the higher planes during the night and not getting all bodies quite synced up upon returning to the physical. The action (jaw movement etc) of eating something crunchy for breakfast will help those bodies to come back into alignment. Toast, an apple, or try your favorite crunchy breakfast food.