Clairvoyant Observations


☰ Hold no wrong thoughts of another in your heart or mind. Not hatred, nor anger, nor judgment, nor revenge.
Instead, keep seeds of respect & unconditional love for everyone around you and over time watch them flower.

☰ A “Near Death Experience” is called that for lack of a better name but it is in no way limited to one who has been pronounced dead and then came back to life.

☰ What we call life and hope to find on other planets is only about 10% of what real life is. Maybe it’s time to try a different pair of glasses. Then we could see that all the planets we passed by are actually full of life.

☰ Love is the connecting doorway to Heaven and it’s assistance.

☰ The light that you radiate is equal to the distance you have traveled on your path.

☰ In all the Kingdoms, including the lower regions, love is the predominant energy.

☰ For most, the human aura extends about two to three feet outward from the physical body. For some older (more advanced on the path) souls the aura can easily extend ten to 400 + feet and even as far as one to three miles.

☰ The physical world is the end result of a step down in vibration of the spirit (higher dimensions).