Divine Pink Cloud

As in the past, I found myself hovering slightly above my body (OBE) when waking from an early morning dream. My awareness, as in the past, was very clear. I noticed on the ceiling above me a pink cloud that formed and then a paragraph of words appeared within it. I read each word to the end of the paragraph but after finishing I could not retain the memory of what I had read. The cloud and words remained for about a minute, so I read the paragraph a couple more times and still could not remember a single word. It then faded away and I awoke in my body, opened my eyes and stared at the plain ceiling.

An obvious message from the higher realms is very uplifting but also very sad when it fades from the physical mind, but I know in my soul that it remains. It is sometimes very difficult to bring back information or memory from the higher realms into the physical, even when it’s right in front of you.